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1 FORUM RULES & REGULATIONS on Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:04 pm


* No flaming. You are not allow to harass or insult any member in the community.

Else, post will be moved, or deleted without any notice.

* Respect each other. We do NOT tolerate any racial comments.

* Stay on topic. Self explanatory. Stay on topic, stay in one subject.

* Do not revive old posts. Unless you have something new to contribute to it that is no way shape or form spam, let it die.

* Report any inappropriate post. Do NOT make false reports.

* Never aggravate the staff. We are here to help you and to have fun. We are not here to make troubles, there are reason why we are here. We keep this place organize and we try as much as possible to help you and to make you satisfy our services we provide.

* No Mature content. This goes for NO PORNOGRAPHIC content, we do not allow you to post any pornographic materials. Simple as that, we have minors and we do not support any mature content.

* No Scamming. Once you are caught scamming. you will be permanently banned.

* No Selling game accounts for real life money, we don't allow you to sell any gaming accounts for real life money. We WILL NOT be taking care of it when you got scammed. Sell gaming accounts outside the board.

* No Spamming (OUTSIDE OF SPAM SECTION). We don't want you to spam, we want you to post reliable post for the community. Don't post useless comments. Think before you make a comment about someone post.

* No Advertising/PM Advertising. We do not allow you to advertise your site anywhere you feel like.

* NO double posting. Try not to double post in a row, that can be count as a spamming.

* Use the search thread before making an duplicated thread. Search function is always helpful.


Use English Language you not alien.. so behave as one of us..


1. What happen if i break the rules?
If you break the rules, it depends how severe it is. If is highly severe, you can get punished and have the account suspended for days or a suspended account(Permanent Ban).

2. Will i receive a warning before getting a permanent ban?
Yes (Unless it's Random). The warnings will be distributed differently. You will get maximum of 2 warnings. Repeatedly breaking the rules will cause you a permanent account ban.

3. What if I make another account when my other one is banned?
Creating another account will NOT help you. If we find out, your account will be permanently banned and we will have to IP ban you from this site.

4. What can I do when I see a staff member abusing their powers or breaking the rules?
Report to the Administrator team as soon as possible by sending a private message(PM) and state what they have done wrong.

Rules are subject to change.

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