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Hello This is my Application for (GM or Event Team )

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Name: Vincent Pexters

IGN: PexterS,

Age: 15

Standard Time[/b]: GMT+8

[b]From: Philippines

Languages: Filipino,English,

What do you like about this server?:
I like this server because of the rates that is just right for all the players of Flyff, not too high nor too low. But most specially, I like this server because of the Friendly and Active Admins, .

Why you want this position:
I want this position or to be an Game Moderator or Event Manager because I love to help other people. I also want to give some events like hide and seek, race around the town, summoning monsters they want, and giving prices to whoever wins those events. I want to do this because I dedicate myself every minute my turn to help the community with as much as possible I can do.
I could host a lot of events (small ones like H&S, races or Quizes) or Just Siege etc.
believe that being an active Game Moderator or Event Manager Team will keep the Active community or players playing, and of course keep Voting for the server.

How Active Is Pesters?
Me: Funny you should ask!
Me: I have a nature for being quite active. I can get on roughly 8 hours a day after school and maybe 10 on weekends. So if activity is a major requirment I can fill it. Also I have a pretty decent post count, . I took an interest in the events a little while ago

Ok, so hes active. Hmm.. Does he have any past experience? O:
Me: Ah, I see. I knew this question would come up.
Me: Even though I have very little Flyff Event Moderator and a GM under my belt I can assure you that I can provide one of the best experiences you could have with a Moderator. [: I shall not be biased when giving infractions/bans. I have read and interpreted the rules

Is he Friendly, Helpful and Approachable?
Me: Oh yes!
Me: For friendly I think you can be the judge of that. Although I can get a little annoying I don't think I have strayed off the path of friendship that much. I try and help out people as much as I can in these forums or in-game.

Ok well, is he Highly motivated?
Me: Yes of course!
Me: I can assure you that I am very highly motivated. I like to Event Moderate all that time. It is very interesting to me and I would love to do it for a very active community. I am so motivated that I can assure you I will be a great moderator for this community.

Can he work as a team?Also, can he be professional?
Me: Hmm.. lets see.
Me: As far as professionalism goes, I can be both very professional and fun. But at the both times I am very serious and will not stray off the role of Moderator.

Thanks for taking the time to read it!

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