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Kakashi Hatake's Application

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1 Kakashi Hatake's Application on Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:55 am

Name:Ryan Perez





Experience Being GM:i haven't be GM but i have a list of flyff gm codes

How did you found us?:I found this server via

What will you do if you were accepted:I will make event's like:
-HnS-i will use invisible command and i will use a baloon and i will give 3 clues.
-PvP Event-1 player will compete with another player
-Last Man Standing-All players will enter the arena and kill each other
-Mocomochi Event-A Special event that all player will kill mocomochi but they should not use revive if they killed by mocomochi because the mocomochi hp is 10 but his damage is unlimited.
-Special Giant event-A GM will summon a Drakul,Beast overlord khan,general razgul or Kheldor..[make a pt first and pm a gm and a gm will summon it in a special place]
-QnA Event-I will ask question and the first pm me or shout will win the game
[5 points every winner]
-I will contribute my knowledgement here.
-I will banned players that use CE.
-I will kicked or banned players that advertising.
-I will help players to connect in game.
-I will not abuse gm powers because it my first time so i will treasure it..

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