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just a suggestion...

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1 just a suggestion... on Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:02 pm


Fly For Pilipinas Member
Fly For Pilipinas Member
Very Happy Well here it goes... during GW or GS there are probably alot of spike and cd going on.. perhaps because of the time the events are being held.. i just want to make a suggestion for the time...

1) we know that there are two types of players.. the morning player and the evening player.. some guilds are active during the day... philippine time... and those guilds are made up of players from another countries.. the other guilds especially the stronger ones are made up of players from the philippines who can only play during night time... now it may seem unfair for those who play in the morning because they would also want to participate in the GS and GW but because the events are held 8pm philippine time.. they cant participate due to time difference i.e. in school or at work.. NOW MY SUGGESTION IS...
GS and GW should be made 1 for the morning ppl and 1 for the evening ppl... so that every guild.. pinoy or foreign can participate and would then enjoy the events... it should be balanced coz there are not only pinoys but there are also foreigns who just adored the server.. perhaps if they can participate in the events maybe they would be glad to donate.. Smile

2) There was a 1v1 event made earlier today and I must say that hooray!! cheers ... it was a success and I didnt hear any complaints from other players such as CD or SPIKEEE!!! the event went smoothly... though there was a slight problem of lacking of players for some guilds... NOW MY OTHER SUGGESTION IS.. if you can't make my first suggestion happen then perhaps you could make 1v1 in the same time as earlier today??? everyone was happy with the event since there are few ppl.. so less spike.. more satisfied warriors.. atleast they can say that i lost because my opponent was stronger.. or i won because i am strong not because my opponent cant fight back due to lag... ^^

well thats it as of now lol!

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2 Re: just a suggestion... on Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:12 am

Ragez Fury

Super Moderator
Super Moderator
I like your suggestion. Sadly, though, it is up to the Owner on this.

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