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would you like rjay to be in the FFP team? (as a game moderator)

33% 33% [ 2 ]
67% 67% [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 6

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1 :RJAY APPLYING FOR FFP GAME MODERATOR: on Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:01 am

IGN(IN Game Name):rjay
Time Zone:+8 GMT
Location: Davao City, Philippines

Why do you like to be a game moderator?

I want to become a game moderator to experience something new in the world of flyff. i will also help players who encountered minor problems in the game. i will also serve as the spokesperson of the players to address their major problems to the owner/developer.

What makes you qualified?
I played FlyffPH for 3 years but now transferred here in FFP. ive been playing this server since august'09 upto the present. i think im qualified enough because i haven't violated any rules before and as a loyal player i already know what are the DO's and DONT's...
i dont have any experience before but i am willing to be trained by other game moderators.(trained in a sense that i will not commit wrong commands that can crash the game Very Happy)

thank you for spending a little time reading my application.
More powers and God Bless.

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